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LookinBot is a simple Telegram Bot for basic network diagnostic. It's created for network administrators, NOCs, support teams and so on.

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Command Parameter Description
/bgp <ip | ipv6 | subnet | fqdn | url> Check your route in the global BGP routing table (REALTIME).
/asroutes <ASnum | num> Shows routes announces by ASN (REALTIME)
Network Utilities
/dig <ip | ipv6 | name | url> DNS query for host
/host <ip | ipv6 | name | url> DNS query for host
/mx <fqdn | url> DNS query for host
/ping <ip | ipv6 | name | url> Basic icmp check for host or ip address (3 packets, 64 bytes).
/nmap <ip | ipv6 | name | url> TCP scan for opened portst
/whois <ip | ipv6 | name | url> Standard whois service for ip address or FQDN.
Specific WHOIS
/iana <parameter> IANA global whois
/afrinic <parameter> AFRINIC (Africa) whois service
/arin <parameter> ARIN (Northern America) whois service
/apnic <parameter> APNIC (Asia Pacific) whois service
/lacnic <parameter> LACNIC (Latin America and the Carribean) whois service
/ripe <parameter> RIPE (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia) whois servcie

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